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What do other's say about Happy Haven OSHC?

Listed below are excerpts of full testimonials provided by our families, children, principals of the schools we operate within and Happy Haven staff. Click on the buttons associated with each story to learn more.


Tania’s Story

Single mother & Happy Haven parent of Olly

He used to attend another OSHC that he loved and he was very well cared for but unfortunately with a takeover of ownership, they just didn’t want a kid like Oliver around anymore. So after a week’s notice I found myself at a wits end as where to send him. I tried at least 6 different OSHC centers. I had excuses like “not experienced in Special Needs”. Then something wonderful happened….

From a Principal’s Perspective

Hear from school leadership at current Happy Haven OSHC run sites

The service’s educators are loved by the kids and their parents, as they are able to create a positive, safe and highly enjoyable environment. The program is of an extremely high standard…..

Children’s Voice

Happy Haven children tell us what they enjoy about their service


Every time we come to OSHC the staff always say hello and ask us how we are. They are really friendly and always care about us. I love OSHC……

Inclusive Programming

Natalie, an independent Inclusion Support Facilitator, speaks about her experience working with Happy Haven OSHC towards inclusion of all children

The team at Happy Haven OSHC strive towards improvement, and attend regular training sessions, as well as creating strong partnerships with their families, the outside community and support organisations. It is a place of inclusion and belonging for children…..

Career Development

Vale Park OSHC Director, Nick Michalak, speaks about his experience working with Happy Haven and how it enabled him to develop his skills and run his own OSHC program

Happy Haven OSHC has been such a fantastic work experience. The leadership of the service are a great support and the skills you learn on the job and through professional development, work performance management and staff appraisals are invaluable……


A Great Place to Work – current Happy Haven educators express their love of the job

Whilst I started working here in 2013, I have been a part of this service for much longer. I started going to this OSHC back when I first started primary school in 2002 and have been here pretty much ever since. Truly there isn’t enough praise to be given towards the service….

Our Philosophy


At Happy Haven OSHC we believe that children need a safe, warm, secure and stimulating environment where quality care is provided.


Seeking passionate and resourceful educators is crucial to providing children with a positive learning environment that is inclusive and respectful to all.


Therefore we recognise and value the importance of strong, collaborative and nurturing partnerships between children, families, community and educators.

Happy Haven OSHC provides children with opportunities to grow and develop as confident individuals by exploring their world through stimulating and challenging play.

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