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Happy Haven Policies

Happy Haven OSHC has well-developed policies and procedures approved by Department for Education and school Governing Councils on all sites on which we operate.


You may ask to see a Policy at any time. Policies are available to view:


  1. At your service

  2. By logging into the Happy Haven OSHC app and navigating to the Policies section

All OSHC services need to meet basic standards in order to operate. This is monitored by a national body called ACECQA (Australian Children's Education & Care Quality Authority), with some responsibilities delegated to a South Australian agency referred to as the Education Standards Board (ESB).


OSHC services must demonstrate their competency across the 7 Quality Areas of the National Quality Framework for OSHC, and have rating and assessment visits on a regular basis. You can ask educators at your service for information relating to any assessment and rating visits they have had, as well as being able to access the site’s Quality Improvement Plan.

Contract Review


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