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OWNA Frequently Asked Questions

In order to provide the Families of Happy Haven with better opportunities to engage with our services, we have selected OWNA to replace our existing Childcare Management System (CMS). OWNA was recently rated the number one all-in-one Childcare Management System (CMS) for Early Childhood and Care services by the leading Early Education media group, The Sector. Our previous platform has been a great CMS platform for us for many years, but we will be ceasing to use this software, and our Families will instead reap the benefits of software that better suits the needs of our South Australian OSHC communities.


Some of the benefits for families include:

  • An easy-to-use and smart phone friendly App for families to quickly make bookings, check your account details and more

  • Enhanced flexibility to adjust direct debit payments to suit your personal circumstances

  • Heightened data security;  We are committed to ensuring information about children and families is protected from cyber attack or compromise by using industry standard, best practice technology.

  • Australian-based software programmers who are flexible to the needs of our families and our services and who are willing to make suggested improvements

  • Improved time efficiency for educators, which enables more of their focus to be on your children

  • Integrated, convenient and streamlined communication between families and services, including:​​

    • Children’s learning observations - similar to SeeSaw but in the one App

    • Risk assessments

    • Incident reports

    • Excursion forms 

    • Menu and programs

    • Communication diary

Useful Links



Where do I go to enrol my children now?

Please visit to select the service you wish to utilise and commence the enrolment process. This link is also available on our "Enrol Now" page of this website.

All of the details for our children are already registered in Fully Booked. Why do we have to provide these again in OWNA?  Can't Happy Haven do it for me?

Best practice sees Happy Haven OSHC and other childcare providers conduct regular enrolment audits which require families to update their details with the service. This year, we were scheduled to reach out to all families to request that all information was updated. To ensure we have accurate records for your child/ren, we invite families to enrol online and provide their most up-to-date contact details and documents in the lead-up to roll over.

I've downloaded the OWNA App, but cannot log in

Whilst Happy Haven uses the OWNA platform, we have taken the time to develop our own Mobile App to allow for a customised experience for our families as well as having the flexibility to push out app updates based on feedback. The app you are looking for is called Happy Haven and is available from:

Alright... I've enrolled, and downloaded the Happy Haven app but cannot log in. What gives?!

When a family has completed the enrolment process, your login details are sent to the email address you used to enrol. A common issue we are seeing is that when a family does not receive their login details, it is because the supplied email address is incorrect. If you do not have your login details, please email to request that your email address be updated.

ARGH! I've somehow managed to forget my password! What should I do?

Firstly, don't panic. We have your back! You can easily reset your password by visiting:

I've reached out to your support email address but didn't get a response

While our teams endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible, unfortunately, we are not always able to respond immediately. Our email inboxes are cleared every 24 hours, and we do assure you that any correspondence will be responded to.

AWESOME! I've finally logged in to the app... what do I do now?

For information on how to place and manage bookings, please refer to our Families Guide for clear instructions.

What the?! I've installed the app on my phone and am now being told it has a virus!

We have had several reports on this issue. The problem seems isolated to Huwaei Android devices and affects popular apps such as eBay and Amazon. Unfortunately, there isn't much we can do other than suggest you use the web-based version of our CMS platform (see below).

I use my phone as a phone. I prefer to use a computer if I have to do things digitally. I don't want to use your app. Does that mean I can no longer access Happy Haven OSHC?

No way! We don't discriminate when it comes to how you would like to make a booking. You can keep the app off your phone and access our services by clicking on this link:

Alternatively, if you do not have access to a computer but still do have your trusty phone by your side, you can call our team on (08) 8155 5444 to make a booking. 

Our Family utilises multiple Happy Haven OSHC locations. Do I need to have multiple accounts?

The short answer is yes. Once you have gone through the enrolment process for each of the services you utilise, you can easily switch between the different accounts in the Happy Haven app. In the future, we will be looking at ways we can streamline this process. If you would like us to duplicate your records across multiple services, don't hesitate to get in touch with us via telephone or email.

I've booked my child/ren for several days, but it isn't showing on a calendar as it did in FullyBooked. How do I check my future bookings?

Great question! And it's questions like this that allow us to continually improve the functionality of our app. An app update has been released, which reintroduces this feature. Please check your app store and download the most recent version of our app for your mobile device.

The OSHC service we attend is currently full, how do I add my child/ren to the waitlist?

Where a session is showing as unavailable, you can now add yourself to the waitlist by clicking on the 'bell' symbol. If there are cancellations or we are able to add more capacity to the OSHC bookings, the families on the waitlist will receive a notification and the additional spot can be booked. This solution is a far better outcome for our families when compared to the very manual process previously used and will give Families greater control over managing their bookings. 

Oh no. Silly me, I've put in the wrong date of birth and/or CRN for my child/ren!

No dramas, Families can update their CRN details (and other items via the Parent Portal)

Login here:

To Update Enrolment Details

  • Click on my Children (top of the screen) and then Click on View Enrolment Forms

  • Any changes made here will automatically update to the parent profile. This includes creating new profiles for emergency contacts







To Update Payment Details

  • Click on Settings and then Click on Manage Payment Details



Payment Details can also be updated and entered in on the app (See below)

To avoid cancellation fees, how many days in advance do I have before I can cancel a session?

Well, this isn't quite an OWNA FAQ, but we are happy to answer it anyway :o)
For term time bookings, we require seven (7) calendar days before the session starts to cancel, with no charge and 14 days to cancel a Vacation Care session, without a charge.

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