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Happy Haven utilises "Fully Booked" to facilitate all OSHC / Vac Care bookings for our services. Please refer below for additional information, or click on the FullyBooked logo below, to sign-in.

If you are not able to make a booking online, please contact our Head Office on (08) 8155 5444.

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Department of Child Protection

Child Care Subsidy 

What is Child Care Subsidy ?


CCS is a payment provided by the Australian Government that covers 24-50 hours of childcare per week. Eligible parents or guardians must:

  • Meet Australian residency requirement

  • Be enrolled/enrolling in an approved service (Happy Haven is one of these)

  • Meet child immunisation condition

  • The age of the child (must be aged 13 or under and not attending secondary school, except in certain circumstances where an individual may be eligible for a child who does not meet this criteria, such as children with a disability or medical condition in certain circumstances)

The amount of CCS you receive varies depending on your income, type of care, amount of care, number of children in care, and whether or not you pass the work, training and study test.


Are you eligible for Child Care Subsidy


We strongly recommend you apply for the Child Care Subsidy (CCS) to determine whether you’re eligible.

Your eligibility for the subsidy is determined by:

  • Your family’s annual adjusted taxable income

  • An activity test

  • The type of child care service

To find out if you are eligible, simply log into MyGov and complete your Child Care Subsidy Assessment. You will receive a notification from Centrelink if your claim has been assessed or approved.

From there ensure that:

Your children’s details are correct in our systems (particularly their date of birth and individual CRNs) We have the details of the contact or parent claiming the subsidy Then simply review and confirm your enrolments via MyGov.

For More information contact our support team on 8155 5444.


Why do I need to report the total number of children in care? And how do I notify the service of this?

Your CCS is calculated based on the number of children in care, therefore if a child attends an alternative child care service then you need to notify us so that we can apply for correct entitlement. The same applies if a child is absent from care (and not being charged). This is reported either by filling in the applicable section on the booking form (either OSHC or Vac booking form) or you can simply tell one of our staff and they will record the information for you.

OSHC Payments

How can I make payments?

Fees must be paid by Direct Debit, families will need to fill in a direct debit request form. Direct Debits are processed every week on Thursdays (except where Thursday falls on a Public Holiday, in this case it will be processed the next business day).


How much will be directly debited?

Accounts will be sent out on the Wednesday prior to the direct debit, this will outline the total amount due to come out. Families can elect to have a maximum limit that can be debited (just talk to one of our educators). If families are experiencing any difficulty with payments and are needing to defer a payment, this needs to be done by close of business Wednesday. You can ring at any time to check the balance of your account.